Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Many posts, and many months ago, I wrote about the profound statement made to me by a dear senior saint. I'd told him just how much JESUS loved us, to which he replied, "So we must REALLY LOVE HIM TOO!' Recently, I had the opportunity to make a comment on a dear sister's blog in response to one of her reader's desire to be more compassionate and gracious in the presence of painful circumstances. I was able to realize how valuable a counselor’s statements to me in 1985 were. He simply taught me this truth.. HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE and/or PAIN CAN CAUSE IRRATIONALITY/IRRESPONSIBILITY. I think I have a mature, ‘clean’ mouth and mind, but when I stub my bare toe, I utter an expletive which I don’t consider to be responsible or rational. This is just one teeny tiny example of how pain can lead to regretted actions/words!! Whether the pain is old or new, big or little, emotional or physical, addressed or unaddressed, it can wreak havoc with our best intentions and desires to glorify and enjoy our Lord and those around us. I hope this helps. OH! A later counselor helped me learn what to do with any pesky pain… HE said to literally picture myself nailing it to the cross or leaving it at the foot of it! Tell the LORD.. 'As I am in pain, I rejoice in knowing you will carry me as I receive your care throughout this period in my life.' It’s amazing how He brings relief! May we all realize when we are in pain, then remember to let Him take care of it so we can live lives more glorifying to HIM!

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