Wednesday, May 11, 2016


SHEILA’S SHARING SHEET   TO YOU, FROM ME, BECAUSE OF HIM  Wk. of 5-10-16                                               
Recently, I’ve ‘taken a liking to’ answering those who ask me how I am with a heartfelt, “Blessed beyond measure.(!) For, you see, I’ve had the joy of trusting, relinquishing, and yielding my life to the wondrous, compassionate, merciful, gracious, sacrificial, marvelous, and overall phenomenal, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY as HE is faithful and true in His care and purpose for me for over 48 years now! I was 15 when my ‘religious’ training and beliefs held in my head made the ‘12” trip’ into my ‘heart.’(soul) As an act of my conscious will, I chose to Thank the LORD for His sacrifice which made possible my reconciliation to HIM.. No longer did my sinfulness separate me from the joy of walking with, and coming to know HIM personally. Having made this decision, I soon learned 2 keys as to why HE desires us to KNOW HIM.. HE has shown me how it’s His pleasure to do so since we are His treasure!  In 2006, HE delivered this poem to/through me.. May its content confirm to you the wonder of HIM as it’s truly His pleasure grant blessings beyond measure!
While out on a walk one glistening day, I was listening to hear You say,
“Dear one, you’ve been thinking about My chest full of treasure
and, you know that it’s truly filled beyond measure!
But first, come join in My pleasure as I let you see,
just what a treasure you are to Me!
You see, I value you so much that I promise to provide,
true peace, hope and joy as you walk alongside!
Peace is yours, as you learn that there is never a need to fear-
Hope is yours for the keeping, no matter the cause for weeping.
Joy is yours as you focus on knowing that My devotion to you is always                      !                                                                                             overflowing!
Rejoice dear one, as you recall that the treasure in My chest is realized best
as you relax in the essence of being welcome in My presence!”

Most are familiar with the beloved 23rd PSALM in which we state, THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD..  When JESUS described Himself as THE GOOD SHEPHERD, He stated His intention to lead us in ABUNDANT LIFE (JOHN 10:10b)! Finally, for now, JOHN 1:16-17 state, ‘Out of the fullness of His grace, He pours out blessing upon blessing. Grace and Truth came through JESUS! Joy is knowing HIS PLEASURE as we are His TREASURE! Are you allowing yourself to be His? If not, welcome HIM soon…

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