Saturday, October 23, 2010


HELLO to all who have time to read this! Please join me as I consider just what a responsibility we each have... It is simply the oppotunity to choose life within the intentions and desires the LORD has for us or, not to do so. Not much discussion or deliberation is needed. We have been given the privilege of determining how our days, weeks, months, years, and lives will be lived out. The LORD states his intention to bless us as we welcome and yield to HIM but somehow, most of us find ourselves 'forgetting,' or neglecting? to ask Him how we can best honor his presence here on Earth with/through us.. UGH! For now, let's just know HE has plans to prosper us - to give us hope and a future as He also desires us to truly KNOW Him personally.. For, He takes delight in being the God who exercises kindness, justice, and righteousness. (paraphrases from JEREMIAH 29:11 and 9:23-24) I'll close with a saying I saw recently.. Basically it says the length of our life is not as important as the amount of LIFE we live in the days we do have here..Any Christian reading this knows JESUS is The WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!

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