Saturday, October 16, 2010

To the PHONE or, to the THRONE?

BLESSINGS TO ALL WHO MAY READ THIS- Much has happened since my last post so I am choosing between several titles which have 'come to mind,' during my recent events. Basically, all of the 'happenings,' present me with the choice to go to 'phone' or, to the THRONE! I trust many of you can identify with our innate desire to 'tell someone' almost any time something seems uncomfortable, intimidating, or otherwise threatening to our 'comfort zone' in life.. Those of us who have my temperament seem to do 'best,' if we 'talk it out,' almost immediately. Others of you out there are likely to 'shelve it,' at least for awhile.... Well- recently, I heard a speaker propose we be more ready to take it to HIS THRONE of GRACE, than to any person at first. Oh, how true that is! In fact, I am writing this today to solidify my commitment to doing so more readily. How about any of you 'out there?' I just read a comment in Reader's Digest that goes along with this topic... It confirmed the point that FAITH is better than mere BELIEF since a belief is acquired when one accepts something someone else has thought about. Those of us who know the JOY of direct access to the throne of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, rejoice in approaching the KING of KINGS without fear of rejection or pain. We live lives which confirm how Forsaking All, I Take Him (FAITH) lifts us out of all disconcerting moments in our lives. In fact, we rejoice in having our feet set upon a rock, giving us a firm place to stand after He has delivered us from muck and mire!(of emotions, etc.) (PSALM 40:1-2)
I could go on and on, but I'll close with a 'funny' I heard in a recent theatrical production.. My referring to those moments in life which can cause us some discomfort, reminded me of a character who said, "I'm not afflicted with any denomination," when, she was really wanting to say, "affiliated!" Of course, the script was intentionally written the way it was delivered! It takes a lot to get me to 'belly laugh,' and this playwright succeeded! May none of us find ourselves afflicted by 'religianity,' but find ourselves to be more yielded to HIS love for/through us each day as we boldly approach His throne of grace, mercy, justice, righteousness, and SO MUCH MORE! Blessings to all!

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