Saturday, October 30, 2010

How About A 'FAITHLIFT?'

Each time I sit down to write 'a little something' here, I have ample ideas about what to share.. But, I desire to write what the Lord God Almighty is desiring me to convey.. This morning, PSALM 103 blessed me SO much that I am confident it's what I need to speak about... The title I've chosen for today says it all!! --"Praise the Lord, O my soul-all my inmost being, praise his holy name!"-Don't forget his benefits-- FORGIVENESS, HEALING, REDEMPTION, COMPASSION, SATISFACTION, YOUTHFULNESS, JUSTICE, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS--- for starters! Please take time to read and digest just some of how the Lord tells us about more of his true nature through all HE does for us! In fact, I am reminded of JEREMIAH 9:23-24 in which He declares He delights in exercising kindness, justice, and righteousness! Today, may we all relish more of his character as we welcome HIM to express more and more of his nature in/through/to us!!

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